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Microwave Engineering 

Network Planning

  Advanced Point Solutions provides expertise in reliable wireless network design and implementation to deliver dependable, cost-effective transmission solutions to wireless customers. This encompasses all disciplines of network planning, engineering and design, as well as deployment and future capacity planning. APS provides services that include Low Capacity Spurs, Hub Sites, DS3 or OC-3 Backbone, and Multi Line 1:N Backbone.

Feasibility Studies

   APS provides professional feasibility studies for new or retrofit wireless transport networks. From a single path to a total network, APS can evaluate and explain all options to maximize the efficiency and capacity of your network.

Path Survey and Design

  With the high level of service we deliver, APS designs the most reliable and cost-effective microwave networks. We analyze terrain, multipath, temperature inversion and rain outage probabilities to calculate signal levels and reliability. With this information, we can determine the best fit frequency, equipment and configurations for the specified, and future capacity. We also recommend the appropriate antenna sizes and feeder type to meet performance and availability need.
Working with us insures that antenna height, size limit, and diversity selections result in an optimum match to the path's geographical and climatic characteristics,
as well as compliance to any regulatory or antenna mounting constraints.
APS provides recommendations regarding antenna placement with tower layout drawings, equipment placement on building layout drawings, diversity antenna placement and other recommendations which will maximize network performance.