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Frequency Coordination

Frequency coordination is required by the FCC and begins when our system design is complete. An interference analysis is performed to determine frequencies that will not cause harmful interference to other existing and proposed microwave paths and satellite earth stations in the selected band.
Advance Point Solutions coordinates your network, or works with your frequency coordinator if government,  based on the different requirements of each service that you may fall under.
Part 101 Services - Operation Fixed Services (OFS), Common Carrier (CC)
Part 74 Services - Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS)
Part 78 Services - Cable Antenna Relay Service (CARS)
After frequencies have been selected, a Prior Coordination Notice or PCN letter, including the path data sheet, is sent to all existing microwave users in the area to notify them of your proposed path(s). The FCC rules give existing users 30 days to object to the technical merit or aspects of your proposal. Once the 30-day period has expired and any objections are resolved, a supplemental showing is provided that is then included with your FCC license application